About Us

Vitel Communications LLC, (formerly LDW,)which was founded in 1981. 

Vitel is a national contractor that provides installation and construction related services and other customer management services to cable and telecom companies, including: installation of cable and telephone equipment, high speed data installation, multiple dwelling unit (“MDU”) construction and customer save services. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality service to our customers and our pledge is to fulfill these tenets:

JNET Communications LLC is a certified MWDVBE* established to provide a suite of customer management and fulfillment services to fortune 1000 companies.

JNET Communication's mission is to become the most competitive provider of connectivity solutions in North America by creating the BEST operating efficiencies in the industry, exceeding our customer requirements and thereby sustaining profitable growth.

For our customers and our partners, we pledge to the following tenets:

  • Quality First© - We will make this our personal commitment to performance excellence and flawless execution

  • Pride - We will perform in a manner that reflects the pride we have in ourselves, our company and as a reflection of our beleifs

  • Respect - We will treat one another with respect.

  • Integrity - We will conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity in all our interactions

  • People - We will attract, develop and retain world class people

  • Teamwork - We will foster the development of high performance teams whose members will support, coach and care for each other

  • Communication - We will create a climate that fosters open, clear, timely and multidirectional feedback

  • Personal balance - We value a well balanced lifestyle that combines work, play, community service and family

  • Diversity - We strive to understand other cultures and perspectives and value them as we do our own

  • Empowerment - We will empower each other to meet customer requirements and enable each other to realize our full potential