Every organization has its own unique culture or set of values.

Vitel is no exception, but its cultural values are exceptional.

As a JNET Subsidiary, Vitel and our sister company, Servicom, share the same core values which are based on respect for ourselves and our customers, diversity in the workplace, a strong sense of community, pride in our work and dedication to creating an exceptional customer experience. Every day we strive to deliver maximum value, quality service and measurable results through open communication and continuous improvement.

Our growth and continued success is based in large part in our strong cultural values...Values that begin with Vitel’s ability to recruit and hire the best people, with the best technical skills, a positive “can-do” attitude, and who take pride in team results rather than individual accomplishments.

We want our people to feel fulfilled both on and off the job, and we demonstrate our care for them as individuals by defining the high standards of performance we expect them to achieve, providing the best training in the industry, coaching and developing them and compensating them well for a job well done. Our success begins with employee satisfaction and ends with superior customer satisfaction. We instill pride, partnership, and professionalism in all that we do.

Our commitment to Quality First is the underlying theme guiding every plan we make and every action we take. It is shown by our strong focus on providing the highest level of service to our customers, strong relationships with our business partners, and improving the quality of our work lives and communities for our people. Strategic planning, paired with innovative thinking at all levels of our business are key elements of our journey to excellence as the leading cable installation and construction supplier in the country.

Our success is shared success...for if our people win, if our customers win, then we all win. At Vitel that’s our winning formula!