Vitel University


Staffed by professional instructors, with an average of over 16 years of experience, Vitel University is a state of the art training program designed to educate new Cable Technicians and Supervisors in the latest in Digital Cable, Telephony and Cable construction technology.

Students are afforded the benefits of alternating days of classroom and field training in an environment supported by Master Level Technicians who provide 1-to-1 On The Job Training. Exposure to real life application of the theory taught in the previous day's classroom reinforces the lessons and allows for an accelerated learning experience.

With a curriculum customized to meet the fast changing demands of today's Cable industry, Vitel University is able to produce well trained Cable Technicians and Supervisors that have both the knowledge to perform the job at an excellent technical level, as well as with a desire to perform the job with pride in their craft and focus on Quality First.

Students are required to pass stringent performance tests of their knowledge and abilities at all key points during the training and must successfully pass a challenging Final Exam in order to be certified as a Vitel Cable Technician.

Our Supervisors Training Program consists of a series of workshops and other development activities designed to develop the participant's management and leadership abilities and to develop the skills necessary for effective interaction with others