QFirst Metrics

At Vitel we have established the QUALITY FIRST© Metrics, which are as follows:

    All daily work orders assigned to a Cable Technician have a specific “window of time “ in which they are to be completed. This % is derived by dividing the total work orders that were finished during the window by the total daily orders. TARGET GOAL: 85%
    All orders assigned to a Cable Technician make up a Daily Work Load. This % is derived by dividing the total number of orders completed that day by the number of orders in the Daily Work Load. TARGET GOAL: 90%

  • REWORK  (Trouble Call After Install)
    This is also known as Trouble Call After Installation and occurs when a customer calls to complain about some aspect of the job that was done, and a second “truck roll” is required to satisfy or “rework” the original work order. This number indicates what percent of a Techs assigned jobs must be reworked.  It is derived by dividing the number of reworked orders by the total number of orders in the Daily Work Load.

    It is the responsibility of the Cable Technician to ensure Vitel assets entrusted to them are protected, maintained, and used in a safe and professional manner.  Trucks and tools are to be used solely for company business and must be accounted for at all times. Regular inspections of trucks and their contents will be conducted.  If a truck is found to have a mechanical or safety problem, it will FAIL inspection. All tools assigned to a Cable Technician must be available for inspection upon demand, be kept in a secure company location when not in use and be in good working order to PASS inspection. TARGET GOAL: PASS/PASS
    Vitel is charged a “penalty fee” by Comcast when we are required to dispatch a Cable Technician or Supervisor to resolve an issue with a completed customer order. This metric is the total number of Charge Backs attributed to a Cable Technician and the associated dollar value the Technician is responsible for incurring. TARGET GOAL: 0 / $0.00
    Vitel Supervisors are required to perform Quality Control reviews of a sample of work done by each Cable Technician on their team on a regular scheduled basis. Experience level of the CT will determine the frequency of the review, however the acceptable standard of work quality is uniform throughout Vitel. This score is derived by rating each order evaluated on a scale of PASS/FAIL. TARGET GOAL: 95% PASS
    Vitel is measured by Comcast on the number of VOD activations that are successfully completed on orders where Digital Cable service was installed. Cable Technicians are required to attempt to activate the VOD service 100% of the time and confirm it is operating prior to leaving the customer’s premises. This number is derived by dividing the number of successful attempts reported by the number of qualifying orders. TARGET GOAL: 90% SUCCESSFUL ATTEMPTS
    Vitel requires all employees to be present on scheduled work days, be on time and work a complete shift. Requests for time off must follow official Vitel HR policies and procedures documented in the Employee Handbook Supervisors are responsible for tracking this component each day.
    TARGET GOAL:  95% Attendance
    It is Vitel’s belief that... “No job is so important and no service is so urgent that we cannot take the time to perform our work safely.” It is the Supervisor’s role to ensure the Cable Technicians are properly trained in all aspects of safety while performing their job and encourage safe habits at all times. The first measurement reflects the total number of occurrences of personal on the job injuries resulting in lost work days.
    The second component measures incidents of insurance damage claims due to safety infractions while performing the job and the cost to Vitel. TARGET GOAL:  Personal Injuries:  0, Damage Claims: 0 /$0.00
    All Vitel employees are expected to maintain a clean, neat and professional appearance while on duty. Personal grooming, dress and hygiene habits should reflect the pride all employees have in themselves and in the image they project to the public on behalf of Vitel. Professional appearance standards are documented in the Employee Handbook and the Supervisor is responsible to ensure every Cable Technician on their team meets these standards every work day before leaving the garage. TARGET GOAL: PASS